Sunday, September 25, 2011

For a Season

Hello, I was beginning to wonder when will my weekend ever come! Finally. I spent my day off meeting with four different groups of lovely people. My brother, church BS girls, cheer com and my ED's surprise farewell dinner all the way at Changi Business Park!

It's Hannah's last week at work. My boss and mentor these past 2 months, I'm going to miss her much. I could never ask for someone like her. She often gathers us to pray for situations we might be facing. She's always so patient to teach and humble to learn. When she broke the news to the staff that she's resigning... no one spoke much that day. That's the impact she's made in our lives! The energy she gives to our office is irreplaceable.

Though I'm sad, I'm happy for her. Trusting that God will bring the next brave and godly ED!

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